Halltherm Cellar Coolers

The JCC cellar cooler range from J & E Hall provides a range of cost effective and reliable units designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars.


The units are fitted with a standard electronic controller across the range which allow room temperatures down to 4°C making the units suitable for extending the life of perishable goods such as fruit, flowers, dairy products and vegetables.

The JCC indoor units utilise brewery specification 6 fins per inch evaporator coils and a powder coated mild steel casing for ease of cleaning which together with the tried and tested condensing unit has produced a winning combination.


  • Cooling capacity: 1.68kW -5.82 kW Single Unit
  • Cooling capacity: 7.2kW -10.2 kW Twin Units
  • Low noise
  • Cost effective solution
  • Operates down to 4°C
  • Small footprint
  • Ease of installation
  • Accurate temperature control


It is estimated that up to a quarter of a pub’s energy bill can be accounted for by its cellar cooling requirements, so publicans and breweries are often looking for a more cost effective way to cool their cellars. The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler provides the answer.

Benefits  :- 

  • Up to 40% annual savings over 12 months
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to Install
  • Fits with any make and model of cellar cooler

What does it do?

Most beer cellars are kept at 10°C and the UK temperature between October and April often falls below that figure. When the outdoor temperature falls to 8°C or below, the J & E Hall ambient beer cooler uses the cold outdoor air to cool your cellar at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work?

The ambient beer cooler is a fan module that, when the outside temperature is low enough, brings cold air into the cellar to reduce the temperature. Typical annual savings can be up to 40%.


The unit is fitted to an internal cellar wall and connected to the outside via a rigid 150mm circular duct. lt is then electrically connected to a mains supply and the refrigeration cellar cooler system. 

The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler will sense if the outdoor ambient temperature is low enough to provide cooling to the cellar and will switch off the refrigeration cellar cooler system while it can draw in cold air from the outside. If the outdoor temperature rises above 8°C the ambient beer cooler will turn itself off and revert back to the refrigeration cellar cooler system.

Easy to install

The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler is easy to mount via simple "keyhole" fixings and is compatible with any make of new and existing refrigeration cellar cooling system.

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