Fujitsu's high static duct range is easy to install with its compact and lightweight design. Two Stage low noise mode an be selected on the outdoor unit. Cutting off the corners of on the indoor unit has enabled less turbulent airflow. Low noise is achieved by adopting a plastic case and a plastic fan

  • Nominal Cooling Capacities: 12.5 kW to 15 kW
  • 3 Phase options available
  • Easy installation
  • Low ambient operation
  • up to 250Pa static pressure

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Fujitsu's New Larger High Static duct range has a peak power consumption mode which controls a 4 step outdoor operation to cut down energy usage at peak energy usage times. With its split front panel, this allows for easy maintenance from top to bottom of the outdoor unit. Fan motors of the indoor unit can be removed separately.

  • Nominal Cooling Capacities :- 20.3 kW to 25kW 
  • Twin fans and motors for easy maintenance
  • Peak power cut option
  • Up to 250Pa static pressure
  • Optional Duct Sensor

Please click on the image below to download the sales leaflet :-