Fujitsu VRF Systems

A VRF Air Conditioining Systems is made up of multiple indoor units connected to an external Condensor which can be modulated to compensate for greater unit capacity. Refrigerant flow is controlled by an inverter controlled variable compressor / compressors with varying capacity using their combined power to cool or heat.

V-II Series 2 Pipe


These newly designed compact outdoor units are smart and cutting edge they come with an extensive line-up from 8HP (22.3kW) to 48HP (135.0 kW) in 2HP increments and a connectable indoor unit capacity ratio of up to 150% (202.5 kW).

  • High Efficiency operation 
  • Space Saving / high EER Combinations
  • Total piping length of 1000M Max/
  • High Static pressure of 80Pa
  • Easy installation with automatic settings
  • Extensive range of controller options including New Touch Panel Controllers

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Fujitsu's VRF Airstage Series had been developed based on their long term air conditioning technology know-how and was first provided 11 Years ago. They have offered a series of products to tackle projects from Large homes to Large scale Buildings to meet the requirements of various market Needs.

The VR-II Series offers 3 Pipe Heat recovery Systems from 8 to 36HP

  • Heat recovery form 8 to 36HP
  • High Efficiency
  • Compact Design
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy Installation

Please click on the image below to download the sales leaflet:-