Fujitsu Air Conditioning 

Fujitsu products are well know in the trade at providing excellent reliability and have a reputation for providing competitive prices across the entire Fujitsu Range. They offer a full range of Split Systems and VRF Products. Please click on the links below for further information.

Fujitsu ASYG Wall Mounted Range                                                  Fujitsu AUYG Compact Cassette Split Systems

Fujitsu AUYG Cassette Split Systems                                              Fujitsu AOYG Multi Split Systems

Fujitsu ABYG Floor / Ceiling Universal Mounted Split Systems   

Fujitsu ABYG Ceiling Mounted Split Systems                                  Fujitsu AGYF Floor Mounted Split systems

Fujitsu Floor Mounted Split systems                                                 Fujitsu ARYG Slim Duct Split systems

Fujitsu ARYG Void Mounted Ducted Split Systems                          Fujitsu ARYG High Static Ducted Split Systems

Fujitsu J-II Series Mini VRF Systems                                                Fujitsu V-II VRF Systems