Portable Air Conditioing Systems

We supply a wide range of Portable Air conditioning units for Both Sale and Hire to the UK. 

The following units are from our standard ranges, If you would like further information on the Hire options please can you email sales@insideair.co.uk for further information.

We also have a sister Website www.cooling4you.co.uk which has further details on the units and also online Ordering.

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SC14 Portable A/c System

The SC14 Portable air conditioning unit is a Heat-pump System allowing for all year Use.

It delivers 4.1 kW of Cooling and 5.3 kW of Heating, This is a small but powerful elegant unit suitable for both office and Home use. Automatic condensate removal allows for continuos use.

Blizzard Portable A/c System

The Blizzard is one of the most powerful hose type units on the market, delivering 25,000 BTU/Hr (7.3 kW) of Cooling whilst still running from a standard 13 A Plug Supply.

Built in Italy the Blizzard is manufactured using the most up to date materials and designed to work with up to 9M of Exhaust Hose ducting (3M Supplied as Standard).

Simple on operation the Blizzard is suitable for Computer rooms and Large open plan offices, factories any any application where large amounts  of cooling is required

The Avalanche is the most powerful, Flexible portable air conditioning unit available. Whether your application is for a computer suit, office, hospitals, Portable building or hospitality, the Avalanche delivers 6.7 kW of Cooling all from a  Standard 13A Supply. With the option of using up to 30 M of water line it is supremely flexible ensuring it can go into almost any application.

The Avalanche is designed using a self contained chilled water system. The Water circulates through a water cooled condenser where the heat is absorbed and then is pumped through the water lines to the outdoor unit where the water is cooled. The water us then pumped back through the flexible lines to the indoor unit.


Honeywell Evaporative Coolers

The Honeywell Evaporative Cooler range consists of Four Models Which will serve areas from 12-80 m2 Offering Powerful Evaporative Cooling at Very Low Energy Usage , No Duct or Outside Unit required.

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