System Free - Indoor Fan Coils

Hitachi is particularly proud of its System Free concept of Indoor units, providing the flexibility to combine indoors with outdoor units from either the Utopia Split Systems or the Set Free VRF Ranges. This gives enormous scope when planning your climate solution and Facilitates an optimum room climate for all areas.

Wall Mounted - RPK-FSN3M

  • New Elegant design
  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation
  • integrated infra red receiver for use with infra red remote controller, or optional hard wired remote control (PC-ARF,PC-ART or PC-ARH)
  • RPK FSNH3M - Model also available with a remote expansion valve ensures very low noise-ideal for Hotels.

4 Way Cassettes - RCI-FSN3EI

  • Standard 900mm x 900mm Design
  • Built in condensate drain pump
  • Super High Stream turbo fan with curved blades for 20% increased efficiency with noise levels as low as 28dB(A)
  • Compact and Lightweight for easy insulation
  • Suitable for insulation in areas with very high ceilings  - Ideal for Retail/Shopping Areas


4 Way Cassettes - RCI-FSN3 Hi Efficiency Model

  • New Heat Exchanger with turbo fan with curved blades for increased efficiency
  • Motion Sensor reduces energy consumption and adjusts direction of airflow for high efficiency 
  • Built in condensate pump with ionic silver antibacterial pads to prevent mould and bacteria

4-Way Mini Cassettes - RCIM-FSN2

  • Compact 600mm x 600mm design fits standard ceiling module
  • Only 295mm High and weighing just 17kg - easy to install in restricted spaces
  • Built in condensate drain pump
  • improved efficiency and low noise Levels


2-Way Cassette - RCD-FSN2

  • Extremely quiet thanks to innovative new front panel and small vertical profile
  • Super High Stream turbo fan with curved blades for 20% increased efficiency with noise levels as low as 30 dB(A)
  • Compact vertical profile for installation in restricted spaces
  • suitable for installation in areas with very high ceilings - ideal for Retail/Shopping Centeres.

Ceiling suspended  - RPC-FSN2E

  • Compact, Modern design complements any interior
  • Unit height only 150mm, Particularly suitable for lowered ceilings
  • Drain lines connectable in two alternative locations for easy installation
  • Centrifugal multi-blade fan and outflow deflector with automatic movement creates a powerful and quiet, evenly distributed airflow.

Ducted in the Ceiling (Slim Width) - RPIM-FSN4E

  • DC Inverter Fan Motors deliver up to 70% reduction in energy consumption compared to previous models
  • Very Low Noise Levels
  • Designed for small space with maintenance access through the underside of the unit,
  • Easy Maintenance, Very compact and low noise  - ideal for hotels
  • available with (Or without) built in condensate pump


Ducted in the Ceiling (Low-height) - RPI-FSN4E

  • DC Inverter Fan Motors deliver up to 40% reduction in Energy consumption compared to previous model
  • Very Low Noise Levels
  • Unit Height Less than 200mm, particularly suitable for lowered ceilings
  • Adjustable return air configuration
  • Automatic drainage pump eliminates condensation build up


Ducted in the Ceiling (Standard and Large) - RPI-FSN3/4E

  • Adjustable static pressure depending on installation requirements
  • Static pressure adjustment via remote controller
  • Built in Drain pump (Excluded the RPI-FSN3E Models



Floor Mounted (Cased)

  • Space saving design with a depth of 220mm and height of 630mm for easy installation - Perfect for below window sills
  • Storage slot for PC-ART Remote controller
  • Adjustable direction airflow
  • RPFI - Uncased Model also available

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