Utopia IVX Premium Condensing unit

Hitachi's IVX Premium offers high seasonal efficiencies, and IVX Technology has all the benefits of VRF, including individual control of each indoor unit with an increased number of twin, triple and quad combinations in addition to delivering excellent part-load efficiency.


With Cooling and heating capacities from 3.2 kW to 37.5 kW, a maximum of 8 indoor units are connectable to a single outdoor unit, with individual control and efficiencies achieved as high as A++/A+. (Depending on model/combinations).

  • New DC Inverter compressor for improved low speed and part-load seasonal Performance
  • SCOP of up to 4.9 A++ rating and SEET of up to 6.38 A++rating
  • Individual control of multiple units in each zone
  • Adjustment temperature settings according to occupancy and external environmental conditioned to save on energy.
  • Compact and lightweight outdoor unit
  • Reduced number outdoor units allows for reduction in Pipework.
  • Slitless fin heat exchanger for improved heating performance
  • Cold Draft prevention, frost protection and low noise as standard 
  • Compatible with all Hitachi System free Fan coils
  • All IVX Premium models are ErP Compliant exceeding the 2014 Erp Lot 10 Standards

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